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IT is a language tool to facilitate migrant women in their learning of the host country language in relation to health issues.

What is the e-glossary
E-glossary is here to help you communicate your and your family’s health issues. With it you will learn your host country language in healthcare, body anatomy, pregnancy, childbirth, and pediatric care. This way, it will make your next doctor’s appointment so much easier.
You can use the e-glossary to check up important vocabulary before your appointments with doctors, hospital visits, medical examinations, or purchases in pharmacies. It will also help you to communicate with your doctor, or hospital staff. You can even take the e-glossary with you, printed or as a part of Mobile App, as a handy tool which you can use whenever you need.

How to use the e-glossary
Choose one of the ten topics, according to the situation you will be dealing with.
Find the right term in your language, and check the translation to your host country language.
If you click on the term, you can hear its correct pronunciation in your host country language.

Language Guide

A brief guide to highligh some aspects of language and culture of migrant communities   


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